Makeup Tips for Colored Contacts

Makeup Tips for Colored Contact Lenses

How to match the colored contacts with different makeup? It depends on your skin tone, eye makeup, lip color, etc. Today; I will introduce the makeup tips for color contact lenses.

1) Makeup tips for blue contact lenses

The blue eyes are beautiful and unassuming, delivering your gentle temperament inadvertently. The blue-colored contact lenses are suitable for fair skin.

Eyebrows: light brown or gray-black are suitable.

Eyes: Choose a light makeup style to show the clarity and brightness of blue eyes.

Eyelashes: Using brown or black eyelashes.

Lip color: Select pink, rose-red and other colors.

Hair color: brown or honey are good.

2) Makeup tips for green contact lenses

The green color contact lenses have a high degree of matching and are great for people with yellowish or dark skin.

Eyebrows: Brown or brownish-yellow are good.

Eyes: Try to choose a warm eye shadow.

Eyelashes: Black mascara is more suitable, and also transparent mascara.

Lip color: Choose pink and orange lip gloss.

Hair color: Using warm colors such as brown and coffee is the perfect color scheme.

3) Makeup tips for purple contact lenses

Purple is a color that has both elegance and mystery. It embodies the extraordinary temperament with nobleness and arrogance, and also it exudes the fatal attraction of a mysterious girl. It is suitable for modern women who have a glamorous personality and pursue independence, but this color has higher requirements for the whiteness of the skin.

Eyebrows: In pursuit of naturalness, use gray eyebrow powder to sweep out the eyebrow shape.

Eyes: A more dull style that is suitable for the day, that is, dark eyeliner with light beige eye shadow with higher transparency. If you participate in a banquet or the like, you can use a more exaggerated makeup style.

Eyelashes: Using the same color or black mascara.

Hair color: choose natural black with a retro flavor or dark purple with a strong fashion sense.

4) Makeup tips for burgundy contact lenses

Burgundy-colored contact lenses are the choice of the glamorous goddess. After wearing it, your eyes will be updated to the next level, and it will always reflect the appearance of maturity and sexy. It will make every time you look back full of temptation. It is subtle and beautiful so that the mature and elegant aura always surrounds you, and it also makes you stand out from the crowd. The color scheme refers to the brown series.

5) Makeup tips for black contact lenses

Black color contact lenses are the same as chocolate. They are universal colors and suitable for anyone. Black is the color that enlarges the eyes significantly, so that you always have the innocence of the little girl next door. Smaller diameter black contacts can make your eyes piercing, while larger diameter ones will make your eyes look like Barbie dolls innocent and cute. It is a universal color-matched contact lens and a popular beauty.

The colored contacts introduced above are relatively gorgeous colors, so for these colors, you’d better match the appropriate makeup to highlight the charm. The color of the cosmetic contact lenses determines its style. Different people should have their choices and then show their own style. Only in this way, they will be more confident and unique.