About Us


We specialize in selling colored contact lenses with many colors and brands. Now we have developed into an independent and consummate team. Hope we could accompany you along the road of pursuing beauty and perfection.

Our Advantages:
High quality, multi-brands, ultra-thin lenses.
Free shipping worldwide.

Fast and efficient after-sales service.
Our Spirit---Seeing Different
Icoloured lead you to see different world and be better you. 

Icoloured eye lenses is a company specialized in colored contact lenses, which was founded in 2015, with subordinate products related, like cosmetics circle, women clothing, bags etc. The wholesale of 2015 is over 60 million dollars,2016 is over 90 million dollars,2017 is over 150 million dollars.

Just within one year,  the company survived in the competition of many companies based on B2C e-commerce export business, and made great breakthrough and fast development, stepping ahead of e-commerce industries. More importantly, visits only to Instagram platform reach up to 270 thousand and are still growing.

The business now has already been expanded in more than 200 countries and areas from Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia continents.

The company is adhering to the concept of seeing different, seeking for girls with an insightful understanding of beauty to bring them beauty, love and happiness.

As the rapid development and growth, many young people join Icolored eye lenses family with creative ideas and active thinking.