Mermaid Tears Yearly Colored Contact Lenses

Mermaid Tears contact lenses

Mermaid Tears contact lenses have been widely favored by consumers since they entered the market.

Why are mermaid color contact lenses so popular? This style has many advantages that ordinary contact lens don't have. We used colorful colors through advanced technology to make an effect of shiny and big eyes. You can also use them as prescription lenses.

Colorful colored contacts

Mermaid Tears Rainbow Colored Contact Lenses

Three-tone (pink, blue and purple) color mix to create a natural-looking transformation. Rainbow pattern. Yearly disposable. Best for light colored eyes.

The Mermaid Tears disposable contact lens is convenient and comfortable to wear; its price is affordable and easier to be accepted by most consumers. It's a cost-effective contact lens. If you are a person who refuses in a rut, then the Mermaid Tears contact lens is for you.