Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Give a New Look

Colors of Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Wearing non-prescription colored contact lenses can not correct your vision. They are mainly made to change your eye's color and make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to transform your eye's color, we recommend you to choose Icoloured® contacts. They are available in different patterns. For example, there are yearly disposable and also daily disposable lenses. Non-prescription contact lenses are mainly designed for those who want to change their eyes color according to costume, makeup, and occasion.

Wearing these non-corrective lenses can cover up the original color of the iris with a new color. If you are trying to find a contact lens of your own color, there are enhancement color contacts and opaque lenses for you to choose from. With the help of these contact lenses, you can change the color of your eyes on any occasion and make you look natural.

The enhancement contact lenses can make your eyes sparkle and brighter. They are best for those with light-colored eyes. However, opaque contact lenses can completely change the color of your eyes, and they are excellent for dark eyes, such as brown or green eyes.

If your eyes are already blue, then you can use enhancement lenses to make them more attractive. These kinds of lenses are great for gray eyes. The enhancement tints can bring a whole new look to your eyes and add some subtle changes to make you look more beautiful.

For those who want greater changes in their eyes, opaque lenses may be the best choice. These options are especially useful for those who want to change their brown eyes. Dark-haired women can wear blue-colored contacts to make them look eye-catching. Women who already have green, gray, or even blue eyes can choose honey contacts, which will make them look warm. So, by wearing opaque contact lenses, you can dramatically change your eye's color and give you a new look.

In addition, when you wear these colored contact lenses, make sure to wear them 6-8 hours a day, and never wear them to sleep. If worn safely, these colored contact lenses can provide you with a wonderful way to change your image.

These non-prescription contacts are mainly for fun and are beloved among young people today. You had better clean these affordable colored contacts with a good solution before and after each use. Not only that, wash your hands well before using these colored lenses, because these colored lenses can easily contaminate the bacteria in your eyes.

These non-prescription contact lenses come in an array of colors, such as honey, crystal blue, violet, brown, sapphire, sunset, pearl gray, amethyst, and hazel. These colored contacts have been clinically tested and FDA-approved, are safe and easy to use. The best part is that you can get these colored lenses easily without a doctor's prescription.