When should you not wear colored contacts?

Colored contact lenses have become a must-have makeup item for many beauties, but they are not simple decorations, and there are strict requirements for wearing them.

If you encounter the following situations, it is not suitable to wear colored contacts.

7 things you need to know about contacts

1. Is it bad to wear contacts when you have a cold and fever?
There are a lot of germs on your hands when you have a cold and fever. It is easy for germs to be brought into your eyes during the process of taking and wearing contact lenses.

2. Can I put contacts in if I have an eye infection?
You should not wear contact lenses for any eye infections, such as trachoma, pinkeye (conjunctivitis), keratitis (corneal ulcers), and so on. In the case of an eye infection, the resistance of the eye itself is very fragile. At this time, wearing a colored contact lens may greatly aggravate the eye infection!

3. Should kids wear colored contact lenses?
If you wear the color contact lenses prematurely for a long time, it is easy to produce side effects such as corneal hypoxia and physiological metabolism. Because the kid is in the stage of vigorous growth and development, the visual axis of the eyeball has not been finalized.

4. Can you wear contact lenses when pregnant?
During pregnancy, the female hormones have changed, the water content in the body has also changed, the eyelids are a little swollen, wearing contact lenses will cause eye discomfort.

5. Can you go swimming with colored contacts?
When washing your face and swimming, it is hard to avoid tap water from entering your eyes. If you wear colored contacts, it will increase the chance of microorganisms (that is, bacteria) entering your eyes, causing various eye infections.

6. Can I ride a bike or motorcycle while wearing contact lenses?
When riding a long-distance bike, the air accelerates the convection, which will reduce the moisture of the contact lens, and it will gradually dry and harden. Some said, what if I wear goggles? Answer: It is not recommended, because too much fatigue will cause all kinds of discomfort!

7. Can I sleep with contacts in?
Sleeping with contact lenses can lead to hypoxia of the cornea, dry and red eyes easily, for too long, and it can easily cause eye inflammation and other infections.

Wearing colored contacts will be in close contact with the cornea. There are strict requirements about hygiene, wearing time, the health of the wearer, and the external environment. Failure of one factor will cause damage to the eyes. So please remember every detail, especially the details of wearing and storage must be hygienic.