Yearly Colored Contact Lenses

Yearly Disposable Reusable Colored Contacts.

How about yearly disposable colored contact lenses? Reusable 12-month colored contacts, as the name suggests, can be used for one year. Yearly disposable is a proper term for color contact lenses, which refers to a period of using them.

Elf green yearly disposable colored contacts
Elf green yearly disposable colored contact lenses
The advantage of 1-year color contact lenses is well-formed and easy to operate, which is very suitable for beginners. With 38% water content, it will not be dry after wearing for a day. Even people with dry eyes can also wear them. The prices are cheap compared with other cycles. In other words, the most affordable price for yearly contacts.

In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages to the yearly colored contacts. Like other long-wear lenses, they require care solutions. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected after wearing it every day. If you don't wear it often, you need to change the care solution regularly. If wearing the yearly contacts for too long without cleaning thoroughly, it is easy to cause eye infections. They are soft and give maximum comfort to your eyes.

Aqua mystic two-tone reusable colored contacts
Aqua mystic two-tone reusable colored contacts
Long-lasting 12-month contact lenses are the longest accessory in all lens cycles. However, although it is a yearly contact lens, it can't be used until the end of the cycle. Generally, its service life is about 8-10 months. Strictly speaking, the service lifespan of the yearly reusable contact lenses is calculated by the hour, and they can use for 2600 hours. The service lifespan is about ten months if it has already been used for eight hours a day. The long-term use of the lens also needs to be considered, cleaning, and damage to the lens. It is recommended to replace it in about eight months.

Besides, daily cleaning and sanitary care also have a great impact on the life of the lens. In addition to daily rubbing and cleaning work, it is also necessary to change the lens box and care solution frequently. Typically, the care solution has to exchange in three months. The lens box also needs to be replaced regularly. Make sure that your hands are clean during daily wear. The wearing environment should be clean and tidy to wear contact lenses healthy.