Ultimate Guide To Colored Contact Lenses

Guide to colored contacts - 30% off

Colored contacts have become the most popular accessory for the fashion conscious. They cannot only correct vision, but also beautify the pupils, such as enlargement effect, brightening effect, and eye color change. It helps to increase the personal charm and enhance overall looks. The colored contacts consist of Halloween costume lenses, special effect lenses, enhancement tint, visibility tint, opaque tint, and circle lenses. It can be worn by myopia (Prescription) and those with healthy eyesight (Non-Prescription) without sacrificing style statement.

Are colored contacts safe?

The FDA-approved colored contacts are safe. You can choose the prescription or non-prescription according to your demands. You'd better not wear it for more than eight hours a day, and the initial wearing time is even shorter. Every time the contacts are removed, they must be cleaned with a care solution. People with eye infections and allergic reactions should not wear contact lenses. As long as the wearing and care methods are followed, the colored contact lens is not harmful to the eyes.

How long should I wear colored contacts for the first time?

(Wearing schedule)
First time wearing                    The length of time

Day 1                                         Within 4 hours
Day 2                                         Within 5 hours
Day 3                                         Within 6 hours
Day 4                                         Within 7 hours
Day 5                                         Within 8 hours
Day 6                                         Within 8 hours
Day 7                                         Within 8 hours

What colored contacts should I get?

You should pick up the right color and pattern of contact lenses to show off a style statement. There are many colors of contact lenses, such as chocolate, black, gray, brown, purple, blue, and others, as well as some mixed colors of two-tone, three-tone, or even multicolor combination. Each color can bring different visual enjoyment.

Colors of Cosmetic Contacts

Chocolate contacts are great for any skin tone.

No matter what the skin tone, choosing black contacts is definitely not wrong. They are also a more natural one, which can make the eyes brighter and energetic. It's great for daily work and shopping.

Gray contacts are the favorite of many beauties, great for people with yellowish and white skin.

The brown is the most natural one among all colored contacts. After wearing it, the eyes look deeper and more charming. Brown is also great for people with all skin tones, whether it's darker, yellowish, white, etc. So, when you don't know what color contacts are right for you, you can try on brown.

Purple contacts with light smoky makeup can instantly turn you into a mysterious and noble goddess! However, this feminine lens is best for fair-skinned beauty.

The blue contacts are vibrant, great for you with fair skin.

Green contacts have the highest matching degree and can be worn by people with yellowish or dark skin. Different Types of Colored Contacts

Colored contacts for light eyes (e.g. blue eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes)

Enhancement tinted (semi-transparent) contacts are best for people with light irises. If you want a dramatic change, choose the opaque tinted lenses. If you want a natural eye looking, the (blue, aqua, gray, light green, and light-brown) contacts would be the best choice.

Colored contacts for dark eyes (e.g. green and brown eyes)

Opaque tinted contacts are great for people with dark irises. The darkest color, they can completely cover your eyes. If you want your eyes to be more natural, the (brown, black, or gray) lens would be a good choice.

How to choose the right colored contacts?

In addition to the above aspects, it also needs to be combined with makeup. Different eye shadows, makeup, and wear need to be matched with different colored contacts to bring out better effects.

How long do colored contacts last?

Generally, It doesn't only depend on whether the surface of the lenses is intact, but the life cycle and specific wearing situation.

According to different usage cycles, colored contacts can be divided into daily, two-week, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly disposable.

But pay attention to the yearly disposable colored contacts. The service life is generally ten months and calculated by the hour. It can be used for 2500 hours, so the daily wearing time is controlled at 6-8 hours.

Within the use period, if the surface of the color contacts is damaged, it must not be worn anymore; otherwise, the cornea will be scratched.

How much are colored contacts?

Because there are many brands and service cycles, the prices are also different.

The price of colored contacts is also influenced by the market, and the classic and new styles are relatively high in price.

The cost of a colored contact lens has nothing to do with the power (prescription). The cost of prescription contacts is the same as non-prescriptions.

The price of yearly colored contacts at Icoloured® is generally from 16USD to 46USD, which is affordable and cost-effective.

Where to buy colored contacts?

Colored contacts can be purchased at optical shops, and the advantage is that you can pick and buy them near you. The disadvantage is that the styles and colors are few, and the price is high.

You can also purchase the color contacts online. The advantage is that there are many styles to choose from. You can buy your favorite lenses without leaving home at a cheap price.

How to put in colored contacts?
how to put in colored contacts

Everyone has experienced various problems during the first time wearing contact lenses. The following is how to wear lenses.

Preparation before wearing:

Trim your nails. Long nails may not only scratch the lenses, but also your eyes.
Clean your hands, keep your hands clean and tidy, and dry your hands.
Keep the wearing environment tidy.
Check whether the lens is damaged and whether the lens is soft and moist.

Correct wearing method (Five steps):

Steps 1: Put the lens on the index finger of your right hand and lift it to the front of your eyes. Keep it level with your eyes. First, distinguish the front and back sides (the front side is bowl-shaped and the backside is dish-shaped).

Steps 2: Looking forward, use the middle finger to gently pull down the edge of the eyelid, and use the middle finger of the other hand to gently pull up the edge of the upper face to fully reveal the black eyeball.

Steps 3: At this time, the index finger holding the lens is slowly moved toward the eyeball, and the lens is gently placed on the eyeball.

Steps 4: After the lens is attached to the eyeball, look down first, and then slowly remove the finger that pulls the eyelid.

Steps 5: Close your eyes and turn your eyeballs a few times to make the lens fit better.

Therefore, the correct wearing of colored contact lenses can not only play a role in the treatment of auxiliary astigmatism, shortsightedness, farsightedness, etc., but also improve the person's charm index.

How to take out colored contacts?

For beginners, it's not easy to put in colored lenses, and it's even harder to take out. Here are three ways to remove them.

Method 1: After washing your hands, look in a mirror and use your left index finger and right middle finger to open the upper and lower eyelids. Gently press both sides of the lower edge of the lens with your right thumb and index finger to arch the lens and then slowly take it out.

Method 2: After washing your hands, use your fingers to break the lower eyelid downwards, and then remove the lens with your thumb and index finger. After removal, you should clean it in time.

Method 3: After washing your hands, When removing the lens, look up as much as possible, use your index finger to gently pull down the eyelid, and gently squeeze the middle and lower part of the lens with the thumb and index finger of the other hand to take out the lens.

In addition, in the process of wearing contact lenses, please note two points: do not exceed 6-8 hours a day, the second is that the lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected every day, and you must ensure that your hands are clean when you wear them.

How to clean colored contacts?

The cleanness of colored contacts determines the comfort and health of wearing. So, how to take care of contact lenses? Only two steps are required:

Step 1: Put three drops of care solution on the front and back sides of the colored contact lens, and then rub it with your fingertips for 10 seconds on each side.

Step 2: Rinse the rubbed lens with care solution for about five seconds.

Can you share colored contacts?

Absolutely Can't. Contact lenses are directly attached to the tear layer on the surface of the cornea and are in direct contact with our eyes. The sharing of colored contacts can easily lead to cross-infection, and it is very easy to be infected with bacteria and viruses.